If you were to make one small change to improve your health Today, 
what would it be?
What is keeping you from making it?

There are so many things in life that causes us to worry but our health shouldn’t be one of them. 

In order to make that a reality, 
you need to do it before it is too late.

YOU deserve a to live YOUR healthiest
 and best life possible TODAY!

That is where Optimized Life comes in!
How Healthy Do You Consider Yourself Right Now
I make it a priority so i would say pretty healthy
I want to do better
Im not interested in being healthy right now
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That Work
Overall Health & Wellness
Inside Your
  • Collagen Protein
  • Multivitamins 
  • Probiotics
  • ​C60
  • ​Vitamin D
  • ​Methylfolate
  • ​MCT Oil
  • ​Anti-inflammatory
  • Overall Health 
  • Heart Health 
  • Dental Health 
  • ​Sleep Optimization
  • ​Gut Health
  • ​Brain Health
  • Relationships
  • ​ Marriage 
  • ​Parenting
  • Smart Technology
  • Healthy Recipes
  • ​Dieting
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Meet The Optimized Life Team:
Todd D. 
- Founder

Hey guys! Todd here. I am the founder of Optimized Life. My friends and family would say I "geek out" about a few things and wellness is defiantly one of them. I created this company as a way to spread awareness on how much our lifestyle impacts our quality of life both positive and negative. I personally take most of the products we recommend in our blogs. I make it a priority to only use and suggest companies that are legit, safe and makes the best supplements on the market. Thank you for stopping by and taking a look!
Sandra T.
      - Contributor                      
Hi! I am Sandra! I am really passionate about sharing my journey and what I have learned along the way. My personal goal it to be intentional everyday and offer advice that could help others do the same. I wasn't always like this. In fact, I let my busy life impact my health in many ways. I hid behind oversized cardigans for a really long time. Until one day I realized I needed to make a change and fast! I made it my mission as a wife and a mom to not only change the way I live but to do the same for my family. I enjoy learning everything I can about health, wellness and supplements that work! My journey is only half way over but I am happy about the progress I have made and I am excited to see what is next. Thank you for being a part of my story. 
- Contributor 
YES YOU! Because you are here, we can raise awareness and encourage others to make small lifestyle changes that will not only impact their lives but their families as well. So, continue to share your journey with us. People need to know that they are not the only one suffering or having a hard time. We need to share our stories and knowledge so we can reach more people that want to live their healthiest and best life possible.
So, what is this community all about?
This community was intentionally created to provide the resources you need to achieve and maintain optimal health.
Here at Optimized Life, we wanted to create a place for you to share and receive information on how to live your healthiest and best life possible.
Our hope is to give you the tools you can use to modify your quality of life while encouraging you to make small changes to optimize your health.

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I always like to add that Optimized Life only recommends products that we personally use or 
feel would help you on your journey to optimal health.
Multi Vitamin 
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 Pure Collagen Protein 
These are just a select few of the products we suggest. Visit our blog for the entire selection  of supplements that will get you to the next level in your wellness journey. 
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