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When you claim this offer, you will get access to a better marriage by improving the way you and your spouse communicate.

 Lets face it, men and women just think differently...

This book will give you and your spouse the opportunity to celebrate your differences while learning how to communicate effectively. 

See what couples are saying about this book
 “Successful couples learn the secret of fighting for their relationship rather than against one another.” 
- Bill Farrel, Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti

"My wife and I read this together during a semester of small group. We found that we learned quite a bit about each other, even after 11 years of marriage. I would have to agree with some of the other reviews... the authors are a bit melodramatic or over enthusiastic about the topics that they are presenting. However, this book has made us a stronger couple and I have recommended this book to a number of my friends."

"Love, love, LOVED it!!! This book filled with not only facts about the differences between men and women, it also has a lot of humor mixed into it. Yet it is filled with Scripture references as well. This is one of my favorite books! I've read it twice so far, since I've had it. I highly recommend this book to everyone!"
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